In the wake of the fire “Camp Fire” and “Woolsey Fire” which were 79 deaths in California for ten days, and when more than 1000 people still remain missing, the scarred region of the west coast of the United States are seeking those responsible for these tragedies. Company Pacific Gas and Eletric Company (PG&E), which supplies the bulk of the State electricity and gas, is in the lap of justice for its potential role in triggering forest fires.

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A complaint has been filed against the american company, which has alerted the authorities in california to an incident on a high-voltage power line in the vicinity of the fire fifteen minutes before the start of the “Camp Fire”. Last weekend, the company is re-indictment, because it would have revealed that on Friday a second incident would have occurred, also on 8 November, near the place of departure of another fire in the county of Butte. “In total, this fall, between 17 and 21 fires have been caused in the north of the State by power lines fell to earth. This equipment belongs to the electricity company PG&E. In eight cases, the prosecutor has opened an investigation,” reports RFI.

At least 15 billion dollars of damage

If the responsibility of PE&G was confirmed, the company could be financially in trouble, as she herself explained, fearing even a bankruptcy. “Citi Investment Research estimates the extent of the damage at at least $ 15 billion, well beyond the $ 1.4 billion covered by insurance from PG&E,” notes the swiss daily, The Times . Taking into account the compensation to victims, the amount could be even higher – around $ 30 billion. The stock price of the company collapsed in a few days. Its action is increased from 49,40 dollars on November 8, to 17,27 the 15th of November, before resuming somewhat the next day, 24.40, which is still only half of its value before the start of the fire.

The causes of the recurrence and of the power of the California wildfires may be, however, much more numerous and complex than a simple bad management of the GP&E. This is what was said by the chairman of the public utilities Commission of California, Michael Picker, to the daily newspaper The Sacramento Bee . “This is only a small part” of the problem, he said, referring to the human causes multiple, as well as the global warming. “Only one fire in ten is caused by problems of infrastructure of public services”, has he said to justify himself.

Since the beginning of the fire, Donald Trump’s criticism in regard to him the management of the forests of California, forgetting in passing that one part of it is the responsibility of the federal State. On a visit to the scene of the tragedy Saturday, the us president announced having discussed it with the governor of California, Jerry Brown, and his successor elected recently, Gavin Newsom. “We will need different management, I say this for a long time”, has hammered the tenant of the White House.

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