The first day of school is eagerly awaited. For children, a new chapter in their lives begins. The start of school is therefore something special and is celebrated with family and friends. The first graders will be happy about these 15 child-friendly gifts for school enrollment.

The first day of school comes almost too early for parents, the little ones in the family have grown up too quickly – children, on the other hand, long for the start of school and imagine what new things will come their way. There is no doubt that school enrollment is an important milestone for both parents and children, and it is usually duly celebrated. Small gifts for school enrollment are part of it. These can be useful for the coming school days, or just bring joy.

Tip: If you are unsure which gift you might like for starting school, you can always ask the parents for tips; children often have their favorite characters from books or TV, or they have a current favorite animal.

Useful gifts

The start of school brings with it many new tasks for children and the appropriate equipment must be purchased. In first grade, children often don’t write in ink, but in pencil. A nice pencil, a sharpener and the right eraser are therefore indispensable for first graders. An ergonomic writing aid can also be helpful for the start. It attaches to the pencil and is designed to gently position your fingers so that the pencil sits properly in your hand. But there are also pencils that are ergonomically shaped.

colors for painting

At school, colored pencils are used for painting and water colors are also used for inking. Beautiful crayons and a paint box are therefore recommended as gifts for starting school. Mandalas are suitable for children to color in to train fine motor skills in their free time.

Gym bag and lunch box

Everyday school life consists not only of different subjects, including physical education, but also of breaks. For the former, the new students need a gym bag to carry their gym gear, and for the latter, they need handy lunch boxes. If you know your favorite animal or character from a book or TV, the school child will surely be happy about the right imprint.

CDs and books

School and especially sitting still can be exhausting, after all, many new impressions are pouring down on the freshly baked students. It is all the more important that children can enjoy their free time after school. Beautiful audio books such as those by Astrid Lindgren on the subject of starting school are ideal for relaxing and switching off. The children’s book “Maybe – A story about the infinite number of talents in each of us” is wonderful to read aloud. It deals with questions like “Why are we actually in the world?” or “What’s right for me?” The book teaches children to be curious and enterprising and shows them how to discover their talents. Books that support learning to read are also suitable as a gift for school enrollment.

Cuddly lucky charms

For the young pupils, a little courage is also part of starting school, because everything around them is new and exciting. Small lucky charms can therefore make the beginning easier and you can connect directly when playing with new classmates. In first grades, it is often customary to have a class mascot, if you know if one exists, the new student will surely be happy to receive a miniature version of it – in the form of a cuddly toy. With or without a class mascot, a cuddly toy is almost always a good gift for starting school.

memory album

Time with children goes by so quickly, parents can sing a song about it. It is all the nicer and more important to capture memories, because everyone remembers the start of school, but after many years, nobody remembers exactly how it felt. The book “From today I’m a school child!: My memory album for the beginning of school” offers space for observations and at the same time an opportunity to sit down with your child, fill in the album and talk about the experiences of the day.

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