Much has passed in the year 2018 for the time being, to a relaxation of the nuclear conflict, North Korea – even if the crisis is not yet resolved for a long time. But just the Meeting between US President Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un has been seen as a sign of rapprochement. A commitment Trumps from this summit announces Trump now, apparently. The United States and South Korea have started their joint military maneuvers.

Although now on a smaller scale. At the Meeting with Kim, the U.S. President had announced, however, it is surprising, to put an end to North Korea always sharply criticized the maneuver””. A naval exercise is held for two weeks with approximately 500 soldiers in the southern port city of Pohang. The defense Ministry said in Seoul.

The US has stationed we have about 28,500 soldiers in South Korea. The two countries hold for years, joint military maneuvers, which referred to Pyongyang as a “provocation” and “preparation for an Invasion”. The December planned large-scale maneuvers “Vigilant Ace” had cancelled Washington in October on a provisional basis. The reason given was that the ongoing negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear disarmament should be facilitated.

tension between Washington and Pyongyang take it again

“Vigilant Ace” is the fourth joint military maneuvers of U.S. and South Korea since the summit meeting between Trump and Kim on 12. June was painted in Singapore. Kim had said at the Meeting, the “complete denuclearization” of his country, about the details will continue to be negotiated.

On Friday, North Korea had threatened its nuclear program resume, should Washington lift economic sanctions against Pyongyang. Such a change of course could be thinking “seriously,” said the North Korean Ministry of foreign Affairs.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in a television interview, the punitive measures remained up to North Korea’s nuclear disarmament. Pompeo announced at the same time, for this week a Meeting with North Korean envoy Kim Yong Chol in New York.