For a few days, the Spanish press has been speculating whether Shakria and Gerard Piqué’s marriage is facing serious problems. The singer is said to have caught him cheating and then suffered a nervous breakdown.

The world-famous singer and the soccer player have been a couple since 2011. They had two children together in the eleven years of their relationship, sons Milan and Sasha, now nine and seven years old. So far there have been no scandals, they were considered the dream couple in the entertainment industry. But now she is said to have caught him cheating. According to the Spanish media, there is even talk of a transfer in flagranti. Apparently too much for the 45-year-old, who was hospitalized last Saturday after returning from the Cannes Film Festival.

Piqué seems to have already been kicked out at Shakira

For weeks, people in Barcelona, ​​where Shakira and Piqué live, have noticed that the soccer star is supposed to be living in his old apartment on Calle Muntaner again. In addition, the 35-year-old was often spotted in clubs and bars with female companions who were not his wife. This is what the magazine “El Periódico” reports. These details were published last Thursday in an article that said the marriage of the former dream couple was broken, with the football player’s infidelity to blame. An indication of this could also be that the singer is said to have deleted many photos together with her husband on Instagram.

“iHola!”, another Spanish medium, has now added further details. The singer is said to have suffered a nervous breakdown on the street a week ago. Shakira cried loudly in front of her house until an ambulance had to appear to take the singer to a nearby hospital. The newspaper refers to eyewitness reports, but her husband is said to have observed what was happening and then followed her to the hospital in his car. Her mother Nidia del Carmen Ripoll is also said to have come to the clinic immediately. What could have been the background to this nervous breakdown has so far remained open, but the cheating rumors about her husband, which came up a little later, seem to be the obvious cause.

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