At a secondary school in Essen, children and young people drink from a bottle with an unknown liquid. Then they get health problems – two even become unconscious. The liquid is now being examined.

At a secondary school in Essen, students drank an unknown liquid from a bottle on Friday afternoon and then had massive health problems. A fire department spokesman said five students between the ages of 12 and 14 were taken to hospitals. Four were seriously injured, two of whom fell unconscious after drinking. Three other children had complained about problems even before the fire brigade was deployed and had been picked up by their parents.

Still unclear whether liquid is toxic or corrosive

The fire brigade secured the 1.5-liter PET bottle and took the first samples, which have so far yielded no results. The bottle was therefore taken to the analytical task force of the fire brigade in Dortmund for further examinations with a fire engine and blue lights. The bottle was apparently in a wastebasket in the schoolyard, the spokesman said.

It was initially unclear whether the students discovered the bottle there and drank it out of curiosity or whether someone offered them the bottle – a classmate or someone from outside the school. The school had already closed classes, the spokesman said. The liquid in the bottle is clear. It cannot be judged right away whether it is poisonous or corrosive.