The German national football team to score in the qualifying round of Euro 2020, among other things, to the Netherlands. The selection of national coach Joachim Löw was drawn on Sunday at the Convention Center in Dublin in the group C. In addition, the DFB-Elf against Northern Ireland, Estonia to Belarus. Because of their poor performance in the Nations Cup of Germany was not in the pot of the ten best Teams.

The qualifying round is from March to November 2019 at a five-double-game-days played. All the ten group winners and the ten group runners-up qualify for the final round of 12. June to 12. July 2020 in twelve host countries. The German venue is the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. There are three EM-group games and a quarter will be played the final. As Germany play in a group of five, 2019 in addition, two more test matches.

In case of a successful qualification would ride the DFB-Eleven two or three home games in group F at best. Subsequent venues would be Bucharest and St. Petersburg or Dublin and Rome. Both semi-finals and the final are held in London.

qualifying via the Play-offs is possible

After the normal qualification round will still be awarded four additional Tickets for the European championship. The remaining four Teams will be determined in Play-offs of the Nations League in March 2020. Start the four group winners are eligible in each season of the Nations Cup. This should have already qualified through the ordinary qualification round, the next better still non-qualified teams in the respective leagues.

In the extreme case, the start-up goes right to the Teams in the next lower League. Germany could take these EM-detour, if it is place 1 or 2 in the group C and at least seven in the A-League’s better Teams placed in the normal qualification successfully.

Joachim Löw, called the qualifications “of course,”

Germany coach Joachim Loew said after the draw for the qualification groups in Dublin: “We go confidently in the qualification. We have the aspiration that we can do this.” In contrast to the earlier qualifying rounds Löw didn’t want to pretend but in the first place as a target. “After 2014 and 2016, we were in a Phase in which we have a good harmony. Since we were able to spend such a goal. Now we start further down. Now, we don’t want to be the same arrogant,” said Löw. DFB, Reinhard Grindel, said: “in the face of this group you have to qualify, this is not a question.”

Against the Netherlands, had played for the German national team, most recently in the Nations League. In October, the German national team 0:3 in Amsterdam had lost, in November, the Teams had split in a tie.

Against Northern Ireland played Germany in the qualification round for the 2018 world Cup and both matches won. With the 3:1 in Windsor Park in Belfast, the team had qualified in October 2017 for the 2018 world Cup. A group game at the European Championships in 2016 in Paris, had won Germany 1:0.

Estonia had played Germany the last Time in thirty years, and all three games won. Against Belarus, the DFB-Eleven was commenced to date. Ahead of the Euro 2008 test game in Kaiserslautern 2:2 was ended.

For the European Championships in 2024, which will be held in Germany, is qualified for the national team automatically. The of the tournament the chief planner of the Uefa, Lance Kelly, confirmed to the German press Agency in Dublin. Immediately after the tournament award in September, the Uefa did not want to give an assurance of a guaranteed starting place.