To strengthen the entire body, you should train different muscle groups. But four muscle groups are often forgotten, but they are particularly important for the body. Read here which underestimated muscles you should definitely strengthen.

Do you go to the gym regularly and vary the exercises to train as many muscle groups as possible? Good approach. But many athletes neglect certain muscles during their workout – or don’t even know them.

If you haven’t heard of neck flexors or intrinsic foot muscles, now is the time! You should now include these four often underestimated muscles in your training plan.

You’ve probably never thought about them before, but cervical flexor muscles play an important role in the correct positioning of the head.

This muscle group includes the ‘Longus Colli’ and the ‘Longus Capitis’ – muscles that, among other things, stabilize the neck and improve the posture of the head and neck.

People who spend a lot of time at a screen or desk in particular often have weak neck flexor muscles.

When it comes to abdominal training, many people think of sit-ups or planks. Both exercises can strengthen the front abdominal muscles – but not the side muscles. Therefore, you should also include exercises for the side abdominal muscles in your workout.

Advanced users can also do the exercise with a weight in both hands.

Whether training on the treadmill, cross trainer or strength workout: the feet are constantly under strain. But are you also training your intrinsic foot muscles?

Probably not. But you should do this to prevent knee problems and the development of so-called knock-knees.

An exercise to strengthen the foot muscles is ‘doming’. You tense your toes vigorously in a certain rhythm and then straighten them again.

We use our hands countless times a day. Reason enough to strengthen the muscles – divided into the ball of the thumb, the metacarpal and the ball of the little finger.

According to studies, a strong hand grip is associated with longer life and overall health.

For example, you can train your hand muscles by squeezing a softball with your hands.

The original for this article “Four underestimated muscle groups you should train regularly” comes from FitForFun.