What happens on vacation, stays on vacation, it is often said that, when friends go together on trips. So that’s not true – the Act in foreign countries has consequences. The now need to find two Englishmen, whom, after a stupid Graffiti-action, an imprisonment in Thailand threatens.

As reported, the British “Metro”, have smeared the 23-year-old Lee Furlong and his peers canadian friend, a 700 year old wall in the old city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. In the early hours of the morning, the two sprayed the lettering “Scousse Lee B” to the historic Tha Pae Gate, which is considered one of the landmarks of the city.

Up to ten years in prison for Graffiti

That in itself was not a good idea. The local police immediately initiated a manhunt for the vandals, whose action was also mentioned by surveillance cameras recorded. The Graffiti should apparently “hot Scouser Lee” – “Scouser” is, in England, a slang term for a Person from Liverpool. The two tourists had committed in a drunken state. to correct

this error, they returned back to the place of the action. Apparently, they wanted to touch up the spelling errors. They were taken by the police because of vandalism, both of them have confessed to the crime. Now serious consequences in the country you threaten them. In Thailand, tourists are always taken back because of disrespectful behaviour towards the historic sites fixed with a Graffiti but this is the first known case.

“people should know that it is not Graffiti if it is somewhere to visit,” said the police major Anon Cherdchutrakulthong. The penalty for the two sprayers could be up to ten years in prison.