shortly before 13 o’clock, it is so far: The Hamburg Airport is expecting its first Airbus of the series 380 from Dubai. The airline Emirates, which sends the plane has by far the largest fleet of the A380 machine. For the most part, these models will be produced even in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Starting this week, the flyer will be put on daily in Fuhlsb├╝ttel. This, among other things, the “North German radio”.

the plane comes for the first Time at lunch time, remains an isolated case. As of Tuesday, he will arrive according to Plan every day around 19 o’clock and 21 o’clock again departing. The Dubai flights have so far been carried out by much smaller Boeing 777, the Airline can carry more than 500 passengers in three classes – in the top class, there are even suites, including the shower.

A380 search engine to find all flights with the Super-Airbus By Till Bartels A380: Emirates sees advantages for Hamburg and shows nice touch

The Whole thing was for the Hamburg Metropolitan region is positive, noted Volker Greiner, Emirates-chief for Northern and Central Europe. Especially for the tourism sector and the local economy. Also Emirates can look forward to: you can carry more guests to your hub of Dubai and, for example, with connecting flights to Asia to earn money.

A nice touch: Emirates airline has selected for the first flight, even a Hamburger pilots to land the A380 at the Helmut-Schmidt-airport. Well, then it can begin.

sources: NDR