Heat and thunderstorms are announced for the Pentecost weekend. The south and west are likely to get significantly more precipitation than the north and east of Germany.

A particularly large number of people are looking at the weather at Pentecost this year: Not only are there numerous festivals taking place, but the 9-euro ticket also lures people to travel by train throughout the country. In northern Germany it should be mostly sunny and pleasantly warm. But the further south you go, the greater the risk of getting caught in a severe storm. On Saturday morning, there is still a risk of storms, especially in the south-west, while other parts of the country should be prepared for a mix of sun and rain.

The map shows the current forecast. Clicking on the map takes you to the provider “Wetter.de”.

This hot and wet mix is ​​likely to determine the Whitsun weather throughout the country. However, according to several forecasts, the situation in the north is likely to be a little more relaxed than in the south and west, where it will be hot and muggy at times and then thunderstorms again. Festivals in the south and west are likely to be hit by storms again and again throughout the weekend.

Weather at Pentecost in Germany very different

In general, according to the DWD, the weather situation is determined by a high over the North Sea. It directs relatively cool and dry air masses to northern Germany. In the south, on the edge of a low over France, more and more muggy, warm and thunderstorm-prone air is flowing. This will also spread to the north on the Pentecost weekend.

For Saturday, the DWD and “Wetter.de” predict sun for the north and the east – in the south it can be thunderstorms again. In the southwest and in the regions around the southern mountains, the experts expect stronger storms. During the day, the thermometer climbs to 29 degrees in the thundery regions, estimates the DWD.

The DWD estimates that the north northeast of the Elbe should get a lot of sun on Pentecost Sunday. There is still a risk of storms in the southwest – the experts at “Wetter.de” warn that Whitsunday is the most stormy day of the long weekend in some regions of Germany. According to the DWD, all of southern Germany is affected, from the Lake Constance area to the foothills of the Alps to the Bavarian Forest. In addition to heavy rain, the thunderstorms could also be accompanied by large hail and gusts up to the hurricane range. In the west and in the middle of Germany there is also a risk of thunderstorms – but less violent there.

Thunderstorms could bring flooding

“Apart from the north and east, where there is still a lot of sun, the risk of severe weather increases significantly in the muggy summer air from midday,” writes meteorologist Björn Alexander. The amount of rain that is possible within a short period of time is likely to be between 20 and 40 liters per square meter, and sometimes even more, the expert estimates. “This also means that local flooding cannot be ruled out”.

On the night of Whit Monday, the remnants of the storm are likely to move further east, and fewer storms are expected overall for the day, according to several weather forecasts. According to the DWD forecast, thunderstorms are also possible locally on Whit Monday. Overall, however, on Whit Monday it will be “a little less turbulent”, predicts Magdalena Bertelmann from the DWD.

Sources: German Press Agency, “Wetter.de”, forecast at “Wetter.de”, DWD.de