What are the prospects for Whit Monday? In the east and north-east, precipitation is withdrawing. In the north-west and north, however, the sky will remain cloudy and there may be some rain.

At the start of the new week the weather will calm down again.

“On Whit Monday, most of the warm, humid air is pushed out of Germany, only on the edge of the Alps are there still remnants, so there can be a few thunderstorms there in the afternoon,” said Marcus Beyer from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Sunday in Offenbach. There is also a clear calming of the weather in the rest of the country. Meteorologists had warned of strong thunderstorms in parts of Germany for Sunday.

According to forecasts, precipitation will decrease in the east and north-east on Monday. In the northwest and north, skies will remain cloudy and there may be some rain. According to the DWD, southern Bavaria is initially sunny for a longer period of time, and showers and isolated thunderstorms can occur in the afternoon. The maximum values ​​reach 18 to 24 degrees in the north-west half and 23 to 27 degrees in the south-east half.

Wind gusts expected on the North Sea

On Tuesday, the sky will be variable to heavily cloudy, and individual showers are expected in the north-west and in the western low mountain range. South of the Danube it will remain overcast in many cases with shower-like intensified and longer-lasting precipitation and isolated thunderstorms. The temperatures reach 17 to 20 degrees in the northwest and on the edge of the Alps, otherwise 20 to 24 degrees. In addition, a weak to moderate westerly wind will blow and individual gusts of wind are expected on the North Sea.

According to the meteorologists, on Wednesday it will be cloudy in the eastern half with longer sunny periods. Clouds are thickening in the western half, shower-like precipitation is forecast there for the afternoon, and isolated thunderstorms with heavy rain. The maximum temperatures are 20 to 25 degrees, in the vicinity of the lake and in the higher mountains 16 to 20 degrees.