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Forecast: Weather after Pentecost – “a week to breathe deeply”


Low pressure areas will determine the weather in Germany in the next few days. But the thunderstorms and heavy rain are over for now.

The weather in the week after Pentecost remains changeable – it will not be particularly warm and strong thunderstorms are not to be expected.

“So it’s a week to take a deep breath before the proportion of sunshine increases significantly again at the weekend,” said a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Monday in Offenbach.

Whit Monday ends with heavy clouds and rain in the northwest and a mix of sun and clouds and isolated thunderstorms in the rest of the country. “In the new week, low-pressure areas will determine our weather,” said the DWD expert. It will be unstable, but there is no longer a risk of storms.

Longer periods of sunshine in the east from Wednesday

Only in the south does there fall some long-lasting rain over the course of the week, which can lead to continuous or heavy rain and thunderstorms in the south-east and west, especially on the edge of the Alps. On Tuesday the sky will remain mostly cloudy and there will also be a few showers in the northwest and western low mountain range. “The maximum values ​​during the day are rarely above 25 degrees. At night, the temperature usually drops below 15 degrees, »said the meteorologist.

On Wednesday, people in the east can look forward to longer periods of sunshine. According to the DWD, the cloud cover is thicker in the west and shower-like precipitation is to be expected. Isolated thunderstorms with heavy rain are also possible again. Away from the thunderstorms, light winds will blow from west to south-west. At the end of the week, however, the DWD weather expert expects summer temperatures above 25 degrees, especially in the middle and south.