Foreign Ministry reacted to the bizarre statements and silly accusations against Moscow

Russia has questions to the “strange” statement of the Ambassador of the USA John Sullivan about the search for “acceptable to the Russian Federation roles” on an expanded G7. This was stated on Saturday by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov. Moscow does not conduct any discussion on this topic, the diplomat said.

moreover, Moscow believes that the discussion of global problems without China is impossible. “The so-called extended seven as the idea is flawed, because for us it is not clear how the authors of this initiative intend to consider the China factor, — said the Deputy Minister.

Ryabkov said that a more modern version of the summit of world leaders was proposed by Russia. Heads of countries members of the five UN Security Council could discuss the most pressing and important themes and challenges.

Russia and the United States there are no contacts on the issue of a possible exchange of American citizen Paul Whelan. In Russia he was sentenced to prison for espionage. All the information about any consultations Ryabkov called speculation, writes “Interfax”.

Referring to the upcoming 6 July the video conference on the Treaty on open skies Ryabkov said that Russia will insist on compliance with the stated theme – the impact of the U.S. decision on withdrawal from the Treaty. Deviations associated with the accusations against Russia in any violations of the contract are the “essay topic”. “For such teachers gave a bad mark,” said Ryabkov. Russia will not hesitate to give grades for the flimsy and silly allegations.

the withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies in other countries after the US possible, said the Deputy Minister. In this context, Russia is concerned about the preservation of privacy of the information collected by the Americans during the flights over our territory.

“Will provide a guarantee of non-transfer of remaining in the Treaty allies of the US data that these allies gather in the process of miSSI open skies” Ryabkov said.

Russia would like to preserve the Treaty on open skies, but the allies of US can succumb to the pressure and also come out of it. “Domino effect” will inevitably lead to the agreement to collapse, concluded Ryabkov.