Climate change favors the outbreak of fires. There are also suspicions of arson and land speculation in Greece.

Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers managed to bring three large forest fires in Greece under control on Tuesday night.

“However, the danger remains great,” said a spokesman for the fire brigade on state television (ERT). From first light, firefighting planes and helicopters were deployed to fight the fires, he added.

Several villages around the small port town of Itea had to be evacuated the night before. In the region of the small town of Amfissa, the flames engulfed and destroyed numerous olive trees. On the Peloponnese peninsula, a hotel near Kranidi had to be evacuated, state radio reported.

According to the meteorologists, the fires broke out because of the long-lasting drought and high temperatures and were fueled by strong winds. In southern Europe, the likelihood of fires and areas burned have increased due to climate change.

Some mayors of the affected regions told reporters that arsonists and land speculators were at work. Extensive investigations have been initiated, state television reported.