Anyone who has followed the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the past few weeks should have heard of the “Waldman Statements”. What it’s all about.

The “Waldman Statements” were repeatedly mentioned in court in Virginia. Testimony from Johnny Depp’s former attorney, Adam Waldman, plays a key role in Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard’s countersuit.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: What are the “Waldman Statements”?

According to the counterclaim, Waldman told The Blast magazine in 2019: “Ms. Heard continues to cheat on her abused victim, Mr. Depp, who

Amber Heard and her attorneys argue that the attorney’s testimony harmed her career and resulted in financial loss. Depp’s team responded that while Waldman was the actor’s attorney, he did not act on his orders. Waldman also lashed out at Heard on Twitter. The lawyer’s profile has now been blocked.

Who is Adam Waldman?

Adam Waldman has been part of Johnny Depp’s legal team since October 2016. He is married to “the world’s best facial doctor,” as he explained in a 2018 Rolling Stone portrait of Johnny Depp. Said doctor is the German entrepreneur Dr. Barbara Storm. Storm is a star himself in Hollywood. She began her career as a doctor in Düsseldorf, meanwhile top league stars use her products. Singer Cher is godmother to Barbara Sturms and Adam Waldman’s daughter Pepper. Waldman has four children in total, three daughters and one son.

He is the founder of The Endeavor Group, a consulting firm that, according to LinkedIn, “provides an integrated range of strategic, legal and communications solutions to advance its clients’ complex global endeavors.”

In the wake of Amber Heard’s counterclaim, Adam Waldman was questioned by the actress’ lawyers about his relationship with Johnny Depp. The attorney did not answer more than 75 questions from Heard’s team, citing attorney-client privilege.

In addition to his commitment to Johnny Depp, Adam Waldman also has a connection to Vladimir Putin, according to “Business Insider”. In an article entitled “Here Are the American Executives Working for Putin,” he is named first. According to Business Insider, Waldman worked for Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch.

Waldman’s reticence in court contrasts with his earlier chatty mood. In the “Rolling Stone” portrait he is referred to as Johnny Depp’s “Avenger”. “No one challenges the Hollywood monster and survives,” Waldman said in 2018. “Everybody’s too scared. Johnny’s not scared.” According to the portrait’s author, Stephen Rodrick, it was Adam Waldman himself who suggested contacting Rolling Stone.

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