Former national security adviser, the United States found in the riots a Russian trace

the Former national security Advisor to the U.S. Susan rice saw a Russian footprint in American riots. This opinion she expressed in an interview with CNN.

According to her, it is likely that demonstrators incite some Russian trolls. Any evidence of rice failed. Insights, as she admitted, made exclusively from personal experience, reports “Russia 24”.

“Based on my experience, and I’m not reading the intelligence data, I can say that this is also directly from the Russian manuals. Their goal is not just to embarrass the United States. Their goal is to divide us, to make us into a fight with each other. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they incite both parties with the help of social networks, rice said. – Do not be surprised if it turns out that they are in any way sponsored by them in one form or another”.

Riots in American cities began after the death of the African-American George Floyd during his detention. One of the officers knocked him down and stepped with his knee on the neck. Floyd said several times that he could not breathe, and then fell silent. He later died in intensive care. Because of the unrest and riots in 40 cities curfew.