Mireille, Robert, mp LREM of the Aude, has been the victim of a violent action of yellow Vests. She denounces on Twitter the intrusion of several dozen individuals on his property on the night of Friday, November 23. “40 men wearing helmets and balaclavas were introduced in me, lighting a fire and making threats, she wrote Saturday morning on the social network. 40 against a family on an isolated domain, hat the courage ! Fled upon the arrival of the gendarmes. This drift into violence is not acceptable. “

in The aftermath of this attack, the mp says more to Midi libre : “Towards 21: 30, the dogs were barking, my nephew came out and there were forty young people who were with us. They were already more than 500 metres in the field. They took pallets, they began to light a fire in the middle of the road, and have asked to meet with me. “

the address of The elected was published on the social networks

Mireille Robert goes on to explain that she has not responded to this solicitation but has called the police. “They are gone before the police arrive. They have been warned, I think at Limoux someone was watching the police, so it was something organized and premeditated “, she explains. So far, the chosen one was not totally surprised by this action. His address has been disclosed on pages Facebook of some yellow Vests, “with incentives to come find me at my home while I have a constantly, and I get people who want to see me without any difficulty,” she adds.

“A form of totalitarianism” (Marc Fesneau)

other deputies of The Republic in march have been targeted by violent actions from the beginning of the mobilization, November 17 : study of the “walkers” have been degraded, as well as a home, showed it last Thursday to the group LREM at the Meeting. On Friday, the secretary of State for Relations with Parliament Marc Fesneau denounced these abuses as ” a form of totalitarianism “, while stressing that they were a ” minority in the movement of the yellow Vests “.

Mireille Robert has stated on Twitter that it wanted to continue its commitments as if it were nothing “. “This kind of blackmail reinforces, on the contrary, my convictions are democrats, my desire to serve the Republic and reform our country so sick,” she concludes.

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