With its fourth season on Netflix, “Stranger Things” set a new record for the number of hours streamed during its opening weekend.

The Netflix king is dead – long live the Netflix king! It was to be expected that after a three-year hiatus, the fourth season of the mystery series “Stranger Things” would generate enormous interest. The figures now published by Netflix for the past week prove this more than impressively. The new episodes about the terrifying events in and around the fictional small town of Hawkins were streamed for an impressive 287 million hours in their debut week – a staggering new record.

Stranger Things season four was only released on Friday (May 27) – meaning that number was reached in just three days. For comparison: The previous top holder in this period, the second season of the surprise hit “Bridgerton”, only had 193 million hours at the start – almost 100 million less.

Overall, “Squid Game” is ahead

The South Korean mega-success “Squid Game”, on the other hand, had relatively low numbers in the opening week. The hype about the unusual series only broke out afterwards, but all the more violently. In the third week alone, “Squid Game” was watched for 572 million hours, the drama series holds the current overall record with 1.65 billion viewing hours within the first 28 days.

In second place in this overall statistic is the second season of “Bridgerton” (627 million), followed by the first (625 million). At least in these two places, the fourth installment “Stranger Things” is likely to push past, which would make it the most successful English-language Netflix series in the overall ranking.