Fox News host Emily Compagno faced ridicule for her glowing portrayal of former President Donald Trump on a recent episode of “Outnumbered.” During the show, Compagno praised Trump’s campaign speech in Las Vegas, where he went off on tangents about sharks, electrocution, and referred to the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol as “warriors.” Despite Trump’s rambling and complaints about a malfunctioning teleprompter, Compagno described him as a “totally real, normal American” who handled the situation with ease.

The panel on the Fox show also discussed a montage of President Joe Biden’s gaffes, with Compagno emphasizing that Trump’s unscripted moment revealed his true character as a relatable average American. She defended Trump’s speech delivery without the teleprompter and criticized the media for highlighting Biden’s mistakes, calling it “state TV.”

However, critics on social media were quick to challenge Compagno’s assessment of Trump’s speech. Many pointed out that Trump’s disjointed remarks about batteries, boats, and sharks did not align with the behavior of a normal, average American. Some criticized Trump for his controversial statements and questioned Compagno’s portrayal of him as a relatable figure.

Despite the backlash, Compagno’s comments reflect the ongoing divide in public opinion regarding Trump’s speeches and behavior. While some view him as a genuine and relatable figure, others see his remarks as erratic and disconnected from reality. The debate over Trump’s public image continues to spark discussion and controversy among commentators and the general public alike.

In a related development, other public figures and commentators have also weighed in on Trump’s recent actions and statements. Dr. Phil’s description of Trump during an interview has raised eyebrows, while Trump’s cryptic response to questions about Melania Trump has fueled speculation. Additionally, Mika Brzezinski has criticized Trump’s behavior as “depraved,” and Stormy Daniels has sent a stark message to Melania Trump, adding to the ongoing scrutiny of the former president’s actions and statements.