France, Germany and Italy called for an end to fighting in Libya

France, Germany and Italy appealed to the parties to the conflict in Libya and the foreign players to immediately cease hostilities in the state.

In Libya for more than a year the two opposing sides are fighting for the capital.

France, Germany and Italy urged foreign participants to end any interference and to comply fully with the embargo on delivery of weapons, which was introduced by the decision of the UN Security Council, TASS reported.

the statement said that the cessation of hostilities “is an important element to create the conditions necessary for the effective mezhliviysky resumption of political dialogue, which will ensure long term resolution of the conflict”.

on 19 January in Berlin hosted a conference on the Libyan resolution at the level of heads of state and government. In the second round of talks in Geneva on February 23, a draft agreement on the ceasefire, which was never implemented.