Practices employed by the search engine giant to market advertisements”interrupts Google’s opponents” together with publishers of cellular websites and software, the Competition Authority said Monday. It’s the obligation of a firm with a dominant market position to prevent undermining its own competition.

Google, based in Mountain View, California, didn’t dispute that the facts and chosen to repay following suggesting a few modifications, according to a prepared statement in the Competition Authority.

The head of this jurisdiction, Isabelle de Silva, said that the choice was unprecedented in how it delved into the intricate algorithmic stocks which electricity Google’s online display marketing enterprise.

The fine, together with Google’s commitment to changing its techniques,”will make it feasible to reestablish a level playing field for all players, and the ability for publishers to create the most of their advertising area,” de Silva said.

Google France’s legal manager, Maria Gomri, stated in a blog article Monday which Google was collaborating for the last two years using the French watchdog on problems associated with ad technology, especially the stage called Google Ad Manager. She wrote that commitments made during discussions would”make it easier for publishers to use information and utilize our resources together with other advertising technologies.”

After tests in the months beforehand, changes will likely be deployed more widely, a number of them internationally, Gomri explained.

Le Figaro afterwards withdrew its complaint.

Germany became the latest nation to start an investigation of Google, with awakened forces to inspect digital giants.

The German competition watchdog said Friday it was analyzing whether contracts for information publishers utilizing Google’s News Showcase, a licensing stage established last fall, comprise”unreasonable problems.”

European Union regulators also have billed Apple with stifling competition in audio streaming, accused Amazon of utilizing data from independent retailers to compete against them using its products. They are investigating Google’s information practices for promotion purposes.