Franck Riester, repair the culture


    Franck Riester knew that to be a minister of Culture would not be a sinecure. But at this point… “The intensity of the wave is incredible,” he admits, eyes already marked by the short nights. Then he had gathered, Saturday and Sunday last, his cabinet, and ministry directors to a working seminar in Chalon-sur-Saône – way of saying that the house was again in running order -, the devastation of the Arc de triomphe has disturbed the tranquility of the reflection. Sunday morning, the minister raced to Paris to see the damage and support officers traumatized by the urban guerilla. As for the seminar, it will wait for better days.

    Franck Riester, this is the story of a long quest and a desire finally realized, probably at the worst time. Tipped to be the minister of Culture at least twice, under Nicolas Sarkozy and then in may of 2017, he made his first steps while distrust vis-à-vis the government and the presidency reached a peak. The …

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