Who has seen, on stage, Raymond Devos, who has listened to his lyrics, who has enjoyed his tales of goofy, who has tried to follow his reasoning so logical that they lead to conclusions completely absurd, which has been confused in front of the lightness air of this child extremely experienced, can not forget. On the plateaus, he flew away, like a feather, like a bubble. He is irreplaceable. An artist of immense and a man of disarming goodness, accessible and generous.

He loved others, he loved people, he loved young people. He had not appointed a successor, but he had an affection and an admiration deep for Dany Boon. It was recognized in this young man of multiple talents. Their friendship was an old one, their complicity fraternal. A master meek and dazzling, who also loved François Morel. For the celebration of his 80 years on television, he had asked him to repeat one of his chronicles radio, the kind …

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