The 15th season of “Rosin’s Restaurants” is about to start. In the first episode, a special task awaits Frank Rosin.

The 15th season of “Rosin’s Restaurants – A star chef cleans up!” starts on June 2nd. In the first episode, Frank Rosin (55) is supposed to breathe new life into the “Glückauf-Grill” in Dorsten. The TV chef has a special relationship with the snack bar in his hometown: it belonged to his mother for 40 years.

After Marlies Rosin retired in 2011, the business went increasingly downhill. In the pandemic year 2020 he had to close. Frank Rosin is now trying to save the legacy of his mother, who died in 2021. “It’s my mother’s life’s work. I have to help there!” He is quoted as saying in a media release.

Together with the new owner Patrick Schürhoff, Rosin wants to completely refurbish and revitalize the listed piece of Ruhr area culture after it has been vacant for a year and a half. After that, a suitable innkeeper should lease it and continue the legacy of Marlies Rosin.

Whether Frank Rosin succeeds in this and other rescue operations can be seen on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. on kabel eins and on Joyn.

Season 15 of “Rosin’s Restaurants – A star chef cleans up!”

Since 2009, Frank has supported Rosin in “Rosin’s Restaurants – A Star Chef Cleans Up!” restaurants in distress. The star chef first gets an overview of the situation and organizes a graded test meal. Based on the evaluations, Rosin initiates optimization measures. This is followed by a second test meal, which the guests judge according to the same criteria as the first.

Frank Rosin himself runs the “Restaurant Rosin” in Drosten, which has been awarded 2 Michelin stars.