Since the beginning of his career, Frank Woeste proves that the jazz is still a music alive and well. His last album, Libretto Dialogues Vol 1 , is a set of dialogues with other musicians picked up on the fly. This approach reconnects with the history of the genre and results in pieces of great finesse.

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Always in innovation, Frank Woeste seeks to break down the walls between classical music and jazz. With the group Reverso , he had realized in 2017, an album inspired by the compositions of Ravel. Taking each movement of the Tomb of Couperin, he built a “mirror jazz” of the work of the French composer, who criticized in his time for Us not to take the jazz seriously enough.

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a Visionary, Couperin wrote in 1928: “The jazz will give birth to the national music of the United States.” Ninety years later, it has widely spread beyond its borders. Already on this project, Woeste had worked in tandem with trombonist Ryan Keberle. Next Monday, the Duke of the Lombards, he will speak with some French talent recognized as the trumpet player David Enhco, Sylvain Rifflet (saxophone), bassist Stephane Kereki or Fabrice Moreau (drums).

Duc des Lombards 42, rue des Lombards (Paris I)

Tel.: 01 42 33 22 88

Date: on 3 December, at 19: 30 and 21: 30

Seating: from 21 to 37 €