In the future, you can watch films and series on Amazon Freevee without additional costs – but you have to accept commercial breaks.

Amazon is expanding its presence in the German streaming market with a new offer. Amazon Freevee is the name of the service that is financed by advertising. The US Internet company announces at the start that films and series will be shown at no additional cost, but with commercial breaks. After the USA and Great Britain, Germany is the third country in which this offer is placed.

Amazon is already present in the streaming market with Prime Video. The moving image service is part of the Prime subscription, with which you can also listen to music or save on shipping costs when shopping on the Amazon platform. Recently the subscription price increased. In this country, Amazon competes with other major international streaming competitors such as Netflix, which also rely on subscription models.

An Amazon spokesman told the German Press Agency: “We offer users an offer that they would typically expect behind a paywall.” It will be a mix of in-house productions, external films and series that are in the portfolio through licenses, and perspectively linear TV channels.

The group did not name a target for Amazon Freevee customers in Germany, nor did it mention any sales from Amazon Freevee. Austria is to follow as another European country at Amazon Freevee at a later date.