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Freiburg: Several demonstrations after alleged rape


In Freiburg, Germany drawn after the alleged gang rape of an 18-year-olds, two demonstrations by the city. The AfD was called to a meeting, attended by some 300 to 500 people. A counter-demonstration, which warned against the instrumentalisation of the crime, took part, according to police sources, 1,500 people.

The police apart held the two groups. However, the AfD-train had to be diverted via a different route and also on the road several times to stop, because against protesters him blocked. Again and again it came according to eye-witnesses to the scuffles between police officers and counter-demonstrators, who tried the AfD-train stop. Over injured and arrested, nothing was known.

During the AfD closing rally in front of city hall all the way blocked against protesters to the square. Therefore, the participants were able to withdraw only about 40 minutes after the end of the event. Shortly after 21 clock had broken both demonstrations.

The non-party mayor Martin Horn had previously called for calm. “I hope that the demonstrations remain peaceful and not more violence and hatred. There are no room for offenders, and so terrible crimes,” said Horn. According to him, there is no room for people, internalized to such a grisly crime political instrument.

police took eight suspects festival

The 18-Year-old. on the night of the 14 October, after a Disco visit of several men raped her. The victim had been celebrating in a nightclub with a girlfriend and an unknown man a drink. Around midnight, the woman left the Club with the man. Probably due to an unknown substance in the drink she had been defenseless. In a nearby Bush, it came after the presentation of the woman to a sexual Assault by one of the alleged perpetrators. According to him, should have also passed its companion to her. A police spokeswoman confirmed that in the blood of the victim of intoxicating substances could be detected.

The police arrested eight suspects – seven Syrians, at the age of 19 to 29 years, and a 25-year-old German. To speculation about other potential perpetrators to not participate, said a spokeswoman for the police. Against a Suspect already, a warrant passed for another Offence, was confirmed by the interior Ministry in Stuttgart. This had not been enforced from the determination tactical reasons. This was not, however, have been promptly provided.