Fritz Wepper fought cancer for 15 months. Now the actor is finally back home.

Fritz Wepper (80) is finally back home with his family! The actor has been battling metastatic black skin cancer for the past 15 months. After a long hospital stay, rehabilitation followed. Now the 80-year-old is back home. “I had to reorient myself for a moment and immediately felt at home with my loved ones again,” explains the “For heaven’s sake” actor in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. When he returned, his wife Susanne Kellermann (48) and daughter Filippa (10) awaited him with a white sausage breakfast.

Fritz Wepper is doing “according to the circumstances”

Fritz Wepper’s health would be “according to the circumstances”, as Kellermann explains. “He’s restricted by lying there for so long. He still needs help, which he accepts,” she says. The good news: Wepper is not in pain, the cancer has not spread further. “I don’t have any problems at the moment. Nevertheless, I will probably start the immunotherapy against the cancer again in the summer,” says Wepper.

It was not easy for Kellermann and daughter Filippa that the father of the family had to go to the clinic during the corona pandemic: “For us as a family, especially for Filippa, it is great that we can now have Fritz with us and see him at any time was unfortunately only possible to a limited extent because of Corona in the clinic. Sometimes we weren’t even allowed to visit him for weeks. Now the proximity is great for him and for us.” For Wepper, the best thing at the moment is “sleeping in your own bed”.

Is your first podcast coming soon?

He is already making new career plans. “I would really like to play a TV role again. It would still have to be a sitting role. But I can walk well on crutches again,” says Wepper. He also has ideas for a podcast.