Whether on a warm summer evening or a cold winter day, a fire not only warms you from the outside, but also from the inside. There is hardly anything better than spending time together by the crackling fire. How to set up a fire pit on the patio (or in the garden)? Here are tips for implementation.

Setting up a fireplace on the patio is easy and can also be inexpensive. Because there are numerous options that serve as a fireplace: from the classic fire bowl to the patio stove. Read here which models are available and which safety precautions you need to take into account.

Fire pit on patio: Open fire safety precautions

Commercial fire bowls or fire baskets that are less than one meter in diameter can usually be placed on the terrace or in the garden without permission. Safety is always the top priority when setting up a fire pit. Make sure there is enough distance to combustible objects such as a garden shed, trees or plants. Firm, level ground is ideal for a fire pit location because it reduces the chance of an accident. You can protect yourself against flying sparks and falling embers by using a close-meshed spark arrestor or a fireproof base that does not transfer the heat. In addition:

From fire basket to garden fireplace: models in comparison

A classic fire bowl is well suited as a fire pit on the terrace because it is compact and can be placed anywhere. With the optional long legs and a griddle, you can convert the fire bowl into a barbecue area. The fire bowl is also available in sizes between 55 and 120 centimetres.

This sturdy steel fire bowl is said to be ideal for wide logs. The storage compartment for wood in the floor is particularly practical.

The slanted design of this fire bowl is a beautiful eye-catcher on the terrace or in the garden. The model is made of metal.

In addition to the fire bowl, the fire basket is also a classic among domestic fireplaces. This model is made of black painted steel, has a practical ash pan and a poker.

This fireplace has a practical grill grate and is therefore not only suitable for relaxing by the fire, but also for eating together. The spark protection cover prevents flying sparks and thus ensures increased safety.

Visually, this garden fireplace stands out next to fire bowls and the like. If you are looking for a change away from the classics, you could find it with this model. Thanks to the spark protection grille and hood, the fire is particularly well protected from wind and rain. The furnace comes with a charcoal grate and poker.

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