At Aldi there will be an iPhone on the Grabbeltisch from June 30th. Here’s why it’s quite a bargain – and what the limitations are.

Even if the iPhone 5c was the first economy model years ago, the iPhone is and will remain a premium smartphone in terms of price. While other manufacturers have long usable models under 150 euros, iPhones for less than 300 euros are still the exception. At Aldi it’s that time again. Here you can find out what the action is good for.

The iPhone bargain is announced in the current Aldi Nord catalogue: from Thursday, June 30, the discounter will be offering an iPhone for 299 euros. Specifically, it is the entry-level model iPhone SE. However, Aldi does not sell the new edition introduced in March (you can find our test here). Instead, the predecessor device presented in 2020 will be offered. According to Aldi, the storage capacity is 64 gigabytes, and the only color available is black. And: Aldi adds a prepaid card with a credit of 10 euros.

iPhone SE at Aldi: is it worth buying?

The new iPhone SE would have been a sensation at the Aldi price. Because: The current iPhone SE is still considerably more expensive at 450 euros. Compared to the usual market price, the Aldi deal is quite attractive at first glance: the iPhone SE (2020) currently still costs 360 euros and up. The saving is therefore around 60 euros.

At least in theory. There is a small but very important restriction in the catalog: the devices are marked as “refurbished”. In plain language this means: These are devices that have already been with other customers and have been refurbished. The technology was checked, and the housing and battery replaced if necessary. However, it is expressly not a new product.

That lowers the savings. If you are specifically looking for used iPhone SE (2020), you can sometimes get them much cheaper. Devices that are in very good condition and declared as new are available from around 250 euros.

Still a good choice

Basically, the iPhone SE (2020) is still a good choice if you want to buy a cheap iPhone. The device is only two years old and uses the same A13 processor as the iPhone 11. The biggest compromise is the 4.7-inch display, which is quite small. Instead of FaceID, it uses the home button with the TouchID fingerprint sensor that has now been eliminated from the main iPhones. Fans of the old design are more likely to see this as an advantage. The iPhone SE will also be included in the updates for the next iOS 16 system, and Apple could also deliver up to two other major updates.

There really isn’t a cheaper, still recommendable entry into the iPhone world. An alternative is above all the iPhone 11, which is somewhat superior with a larger display and FaceID. But even refurbished it costs at least 380 euros. Choosing older models for cost reasons is less advisable. The lower performance is noticeable in the long run, and they are also supported for a shorter time with new software.