Tax relief at the gas station? Not really. Petrol and diesel continue to get more expensive – but why? Even the ADAC is struggling with an answer.

Fuel prices continued to rise over the weekend. As the ADAC announced, a liter of Super E10 on Sunday cost an average of 1.952 euros nationwide and diesel 2.033 euros. On Friday, according to ADAC, Super had cost 1.945 euros and Diesel 2.016 euros.

The fuel price has clearly decoupled from the price of crude oil: “The tax cut ends up largely with the mineral oil companies and does not arrive enough with the drivers,” said the ADAC spokesman. Super E10 is still 20 cents cheaper than on May 31, the day before the tax cut.

The diesel price is now at the level of May 11th and only one cent below the level of May 31st. “Of course we also had an increase in the price of oil. But from the point of view of the ADAC, there is no reason why the prices are rising, »said the spokesman in Munich.