How is Ali Bongo? To this seemingly simple question, the answer became very complex. Sunday, for the first time, the government has recognized in a half-word that the president was not the best. “Today, the president of the Republic is in a phase of recovery of the fullness of his physical abilities,” said the spokesman of the presidency, Ike Ngouoni, adding that “his state of health is significantly improved”.

In fact, this news has only served to raise a open secret. The president, 59 years old, has been hospitalized since October 24, at the hospital, King Faisal, in Riyadh. According to a source close to the Palace of the sea when asked by Le Figaro he has been the victim of a cerebral vascular accident (STROKE) when he had just arrived in the saudi capital. “His case is serious. He was operated on correctness, and he has had the chance to be in saudi Arabia at that time.” And to clarify: “He woke up, it gets better but we must wait to know …

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