When Gao Zhen, a black hat and tee-shirt dark, opens the doors of her spacious loft, in Beijing, we enter a place full of forbidden. Located in the heart of the 798 district – a former military factory transformed into an area connected dedicated to the contemporary art, it houses works that have no chance of being publicly exposed in China.

Very critical of the communist regime, which they spin imaging in derision, most have been designed with Qiang, six years the junior of Zhen, who now lives in the United States. Both form the duo of the brothers Gao, whose sculptures and photographs have built-in prestigious collections internationally, including the MoMA, New York, or Centre Pompidou. “I will speak without a filter, there’s no question that I keep silent”, provides, at the beginning of the interview, Gao Zhen, one of the few voices in China dare to rise up against the power. A posture is particularly risky at a time when the communist Party …

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