Subsidiaries of Gazprom – Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG 2 – applied to the Federal network Agency Germany (BNetzA) for the provision of managed their pipelines “the Northern stream” and “Nord stream – 2” exception from the effect of the updated Gas Directive. The regulator published a procedure for the registration of such filings on December 12 for submission of the documents was assigned a month. Nord Stream AG has handed over the necessary documents on 23 December, Nord Stream AG 2 – Jan 10, follows from the BNetzA. The application for request “Northern stream” should be considered until may 23, while there will be consultations with the member countries of the EU, to be confirmed in the BNetzA. The order and terms of consideration of the application of Nord Stream AG 2 is not specified.

At the request of “Vedomosti”, sent on the evening of 16 January, the representative of BNetzA did not answer.

EU Gas Directive is one of the key documents of the European energy legislation. It regulates the gas markets within the EU. In 2017, the European Commission, citing gaps in regulating offshore pipelines, proposed to amend the law of change. Plain text in the document, the Russian export pipelines was never mentioned, but European officials do not hide that first of all the changes caused by the desire to limit “Gazprom” can use the “Nord stream – 2”. An updated version of the Gas Directive was adopted last spring.

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