After two quasiconcave transactions with securities “Gazprom” the new major shareholder became a “consortium of investors”, transferred “Interfax” the words of the President of Gazprombank Andrey Akimov. “Gazprom” happy, happy, the country received the money, the consortium bought – quoted Akimova TASS. Good investors who believe in the future “Gazprom” and the Russian, too – there’s a lot of all. For a good price”. Mainly buyers from Russia, among them including pension funds, told the Governors: “we bought too little. Normally, everyone is happy”. What other structures are in a consortium, he said.

During the second half of 2019, “Gazprom” almost got rid of quasicanonical stake. At the end of June was just over at 6.64%, the company considered the options of monetization, said CEO Alexey Miller. In July and November “Gazprom” has carried out two placement.

a two-step selling 6.52% of shares of “Gazprom” became the largest transaction in securities of the company in its history, sales of about 327 billion rubles In July for 2.93% the company received 139,1 billion roubles, in November – 188 billion rubles for the of 3.59%. Both transactions took place at a substantial discount to the market price of securities “Gazprom”. In July, the discount was 5.4% compared to their value at the close of business on the eve of the announcement of the transaction, in November – 11%. A placement in both cases was made by Gazprombank, the order book was formed through the Moscow exchange.

the Main intrigue that accompanied the sale of shares of “Gazprom”, – the question of who was their buyer. The interlocutors of “Vedomosti” among major investors and traders in both cases, doubted that the placement securities will be open and the action can get a wide range of buyers. In the transaction will participate in only a few pre-determined buyers, told “Vedomosti” four investment banker before the sale of the first part quasicanonical packthe one in July. The selected scheme placement – with the formation of the order book through the exchange allows not to reveal exactly who submit an application, to the extent that it, on behalf of the investor on the stock exchange may submit the Bank underwriter. “If there is a cache”, – explained to “Vedomosti” by institutional investor. In addition, it is possible to exclude the participation in the transaction of major foreign players, added his colleague.

as a result, both of accommodation were uncontested, and in July, and in November the shares were sold “in one hand” buyers to put bids on all size package according to the principle “all or nothing”, said the Chairman of “Gazprom” Famil Sadigov: “When deciding on the allocation of shares among investors favored large institutional investors focused on long-term investments”. Who was the buyer, either in July or in November, were not disclosed. Most likely party to both transactions, the interlocutors of “Vedomosti” called Arkady Rotenberg. On participation of structures of the businessman in the July deal, Bloomberg reported, but a spokesman for Rotenberg denies it. On the question of “Vedomosti” were acquired Lee Rothenberg or structure, the ultimate beneficiary which he spoke of the action of the gas holding during the November placement, his representative also answered in the negative.

According to the law “On private pension funds”, NPF can invest in stocks of one Issuer not more than 15% of pension reserves in the non-state pension provision and no more than 5% in the framework of compulsory pension insurance. It is therefore extremely unlikely that pension funds play a significant role in the consortium, which says Akimov, says a senior analyst “BKS the Prime Minister” Sergey Suverov: “most Likely, the number of buyers includes one or more anchor investors relating to oligarchic structures. And pension funds bought a minor share of the Russian sthe law limits their ability to invest in stocks”.

pension funds Have many regulatory restrictions, agrees the General Director of UK “Sputnik – capital management” Alexander Losev: “the Central Bank took into account the negative experience of the activity of NPF and now opaque closed-end funds in the pension savings place”. But even the disclosure of the register of shareholders on the question of who actually was the buyer of the shares of “Gazprom”, the answer is, most likely, will not, he said: “NPF discloses information only in the report to the regulator.” But shares will likely be hidden for a nominal holding in trust, suggests the following.

“Bulletin” asked for the top 10 of the NPF. Representatives NPF “the Future” and NPF “Safmar” reported that did not participate in the auction. NPF of Sberbank was not able to quickly comment.