“Gazprom oil” has offered the British-Dutch Shell to log in as a partner in the project development of recently discovered oil reserves on the Sakhalin shelf and the development of Achim deposits of Yamburg field, said the Deputy Chairman of the Russian company, Vadim Yakovlev. “In addition, we want to complement our portfolio [joint projects] search project, – said Yakovlev. – In Russia we have about reliable comrades say: “I would have gone with him to explore”. And here we are with Shell is ready to go undercover on Hidan”. On the Gydan Peninsula there are two practically studied area, the licenses to which “Gazprom oil” will pass in the JV with Shell (25%) and Spanish Repsol (25%), which is expected to create up to the end of the year.

Shell discusses a wide range of options for new partnership projects with “Gazprom oil” has confirmed the Chairman of the concern in Russia Cedric Kremers: “We are not yet at the stage to subject to talk about the details, but absolutely – Shell also has the appetite to expand cooperation.” Total liquid hydrocarbon reserves and Yamburg deposits “Gazprom” on Sakhalin exceed 1.8 billion tons

Yamburg and development of the Sakhalin shelf can become one of the largest projects of “Gazprom oil” in the 2020’s License at the Yamburg gas field is owned by Gazprom, natural gas production is from 1986 But the development of oil deposits deeper Achimov deposits – not the core problem for the gas company. Meanwhile, the liquid hydrocarbon reserves at the field amount to almost 1.3 billion tons, and after further exploration, according to “Gazprom oil” can be increased to 3.5 billion tons last year, “Gazprom Neft” concluded with the parent company’s long-term risk of the operator agreement, giving the opportunity to begin developing these reserves. Industrial production at Achimov deposits of Yamburg the company expects to begin in 2024 Preliminary evaluation of mining – OKapproximately 8 million tonnes per year

Field “Neptune” and “Triton” in Asscom license block of the Sakhalin shelf “Gazprom Neft” has opened in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Top management of the company reported that their total reserves are estimated at more than 530 million tons of oil equivalent. “The far East will be a new strategically important region of our activities for many years to come, which will allow the company to work more actively on the markets of the Asia-Pacific region,” – said on these discoveries, predpravleniya “Gazprom oil” Alexander Dyukov.

As a state for 20 years, regained control over the oil and gas industry, the Russian economy 1999-2019. Special “Vedomosti” and “Expert RA”

“At the moment we are continuing the geological study stage of assessment will continue until 2022-2023 years, — said the fall of 2019 at the time the CEO on the development of offshore projects of the company Andrey Patrushev, “Interfax”. – By the same deadline you should receive a final investment decision.” “Neptune” and “Triton” can be composed as a single and independent projects, said Patrushev. The degree of knowledge of Sakhalin assets now allows you to engage in a substantive discussion of the project with possible partners, said Friday Yakovlev: “Such a proposal was made, including Shell”.

Despite the large number of plans while in “Gazprom Neft” and Shell only one joint (50: 50) the asset – Salym Petroleum Development (SPD). SP has been producing in the fields of the Salym group in KHMAO. Initially it was assumed that the SPD will go on the shelf production to 7 million tonnes per year by 2020, but several years ago she began to decline. The company is now stabilized it at just over 6 million a year, tested the technology of enhanced oil recovery, and even reported an unprecedented achievement for the Russian oil recovery factor is 69%. But in the current fiscal environment, these technologies ekanimicheskih ineffective.

Now “Gazprom Neft” and Shell agreed that the Russian company will give SAP a license to another section — “Salym-2”. It has drilled two exploratory wells, but even a preliminary assessment of resources “Salym-2” the company does not disclose. The transfer of the license will be non-cash, said the representative of “Gazprom oil”. The Russian company will contribute to the SP license, and Shell will take on the financial burden for the development of possible reserves. The perimeter of the transaction include only the traditional stocks, the report says Russian companies.

in addition, in 2020, “Gazprom Neft” and Shell expects to create another two SP. The first parity on the basis of “Meretoyakhaneftegas” to own licenses for fields with total reserves of over 1.1 billion tons of Investments into the project can exceed 130 billion rubles. said Dyukov. It was expected that the deal will be closed in the past year, but the governmental Commission on foreign investments has postponed its consideration. Company nadeutsa to obtain permission before the end of the first quarter, said cremers.

the Second project giganskoe JV with Shell and Repsol: consortium will receive a license for Lescinsky and Puhtaasti areas.

Shell also offers “Gazprom oil” the opportunity to participate in their projects — first of all we are talking about the middle East and North Africa, said Yakovlev. “But I want to emphasize again that we do not wish to trades of exchange – they are always challenging. Anyway, the decision to join the new project we accept, on the basis of portfolio considerations – quoted Yakovlev “Interfax”. – We have a very good portfolio of opportunities in Russia, which gives us the growth for years to our work. Difficult enough abroad to find assets opportunities that would suit us rate of return”.