LE FIGARO. – In what condition the army stood-she of the Great War?

General Jean-Pierre BOSSER. – When considering the state of the army at the end of the war, one can begin by looking at it from a macroscopic way. We note, then, that it comes out completely transformed this conflict. Everything has changed in the four years of war, or almost, in terms of tooling, organization, command, and doctrine. The fighters were equipped with new, more efficient, such as machine guns, cannons, heavy artillery or tanks. The organization of the army was upset. The division, which brings together units of different specialties, became the basic unit of the combined arms battle. Everything that cannot be decided by the general headquarters (GHQ), a hierarchical level new appears, the Army (at the top of the corps, ED.), in order to strengthen the subsidiarity of command. It consists of several …

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