Germany believes that the transatlantic relationship does not meet the requirements of the parties

Relations between Germany and the US in their current state do not meet the requirements of the two countries, and there is an urgent need to work for their improvement. This was stated by foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

At the same time, the transatlantic relationship is extremely important and remain so, and both sides are working to have these relationships had a future, he said in an interview with DPA. At the same time, warns Maas, one should not expect automatic improvement in these relations, if Donald trump loses the presidential election on 4 November.

“anyone who thinks that a President from the Democratic party, the transatlantic partnership will again be the same as it once was, underestimates the structural changes,” — said the Minister.

In mid-June, the Maas have already noted that relations between Berlin and Washington is now challenging. Then the reason for this statement was the decision to trump to reduce the number of American military in Germany. And the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel on the eve called for the continuation of a constructive dialogue with Russia and urged the Europeans to think about a new reality — a world without US leadership.