special Envoy to Seebach

With time, he matured. Friedrich Merz does not say openly all the evil he thinks of Angela Merkel, the woman who robbed him of his future sixteen years ago, when she was thrilled with the presidency of the parliamentary group in the German Bundestag. Since he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the CDU, a few minutes after the chancellor announced its withdrawal next, the old hope of the christian-democratic party monitors his words. He said that his government is “a capitulation” (2018), chloroform” the debates of the party (2011) that it “should never have been chancellor” (2010), or it is not critical more openly his way to campaign (2005). Nine years after leaving active politics for the world of business, this expert of economic issues, heals his return to the first rank. It promises “a new beginning” to the CDU.

on Wednesday evening, Friedrich Merz came to score points, Seebach, in Thuringia, in …

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