Two regional elections in quick succession have shaken the German political landscape. In Bavaria and Hesse, the electorate has inflicted a protest vote to the two major government parties, the CDU/CSU and the SPD, the “Volksparteien”. Certainly, the conservatives have retained power in the two Länder as they had managed to do so in the federal elections of September 2017. The message had already been clear: with 33 %, the party of Angela Merkel had recorded a historic loss. With 20.5 %, the social democrats had suffered a debacle even more violent. The tectonic plates election in Germany move deeply. Both parties dreamed of overthrowing the established order: the radical right, anti-islam and populist, the Alternative für Deutschland to one side, the third force in Bundestag and the Greens “réalos” and proeuropéens of the other, came second in the recent regional elections. The two forces are diametrically opposed. They want to take over the place of …

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