Bukayo Saka, the sensational England player, recently celebrated his team’s victory over Switzerland with his girlfriend, Tolami Benson. Tolami Benson, aged 23, is one year older than Saka and has a significant following of 76,000 on Instagram. She is often seen on social media, sharing moments from holidays and showing her support for Arsenal, the club her boyfriend plays for.

The couple has been dating since late 2020 but kept their relationship private until recently. Despite not sharing pictures together on social media or following each other, fans discovered their romance in February 2022 when they posted individual photos from a yacht trip in Dubai. Although they have not confirmed their relationship publicly, Tolami has been seen supporting Saka at the Euro 2024 tournament, sitting among other WAGs like Megan Pickford.

Tolami, who works in public relations as a Senior Planning Executive at Zenith, studied at Birmingham City University and holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Public Relations and Media Public Relations. She is an avid supporter of her boyfriend, often spotted at the Emirates Stadium alongside partners of other Arsenal players.

In addition to supporting Saka, Tolami has been seen at the Euro 2024 tournament, cheering on England alongside other WAGs. She and Harry Kane’s wife, Katie Goodland, even flew to Germany to boost their partners’ morale after a disappointing match against Slovenia. Tolami’s presence in the stands has not gone unnoticed, as she is often seen with other partners of England players.

On a different note, as Euro 2024 progresses, fans are not only focused on the players’ skills but also on their looks. According to AI analysis, England’s team has been ranked as the fourth ugliest in the competition, just below Scotland. Serbia’s Strahinja Pavlovic has been deemed the most attractive player, while Turkey’s Mert Muldur holds the title of the best-looking player in the tournament. For more on the competition’s sexiest stars and the hunkiest XI, check out the full story.

Overall, Bukayo Saka’s girlfriend, Tolami Benson, continues to show unwavering support for her boyfriend both on and off the field. Their relationship, though kept private, has captured the attention of fans, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Euro 2024 tournament.