Gift tips: What do you give for a birthday? Twelve creative ideas for expectant parents


    When a child sees the light of day, there is great joy – not only for the parents, but also for their friends and relatives. If you are still looking for a suitable birthday gift, you will find it here.

    According to the Federal Statistical Office, more than 780,000 births were counted in Germany in 2018. Particularly exciting: “The average age of the women at the first birth was 30 years,” was the conclusion of the count. In fact, the frequency of births among older mothers is constantly increasing – this is partly due to the fact that more and more women want to make a career first and are putting family planning behind them. When the first offspring is announced, a new phase of life begins. Not only for the parents-to-be, but also for those around them. To celebrate the arrival of their baby, the new parents are showered with gifts. This is a particularly beautiful tradition, but it also raises a question: what do you give as a birthday present?

    1. Babyalbum

    From birth to the first smile to the first steps, there are numerous moments in a child’s life that are captured by their parents – for example in this baby album, intended for writing, creating and remembering unforgettable moments. Photos can be glued in here and notes can be written in them. The book also includes a family tree, a measuring tape to hang up, pop-up elements and lots of craft ideas. You can find the album here.

    2. Diaper cake

    A baby is changed on average 6000 times before it is dry – that’s a lot of diapers that are not exactly cheap. Here you can make the new parents very happy by giving them either a so-called diaper subscription or alternatively a diaper cake: it contains 15 Pampers Premium Protection (size two, for babies from three to eight kilos), a music box, an organic Baby tea and a spoon.You can get the cake here.

    3. Giraffe Sophie

    It is a real classic – and has been for more than 50 years. The little giraffe Sophie is in many ways a practical gift for new parents, or more precisely their offspring: the toy, made from 100 percent natural rubber, was only painted with food coloring. It trains the baby’s senses and acts like a pacifier, it is used to grasp and soothe when the first tooth comes in. Here is Sophie the giraffe.

    4. Experience Blanket

    Babies are incredibly curious and try to discover the world in their own unique way. The adventure blanket from Fischer-Price can be a practical support here: it promotes all areas of development – from gross motor skills to sensory perception. The additional hanging toys and motion-activated music (up to 20 minutes at a time) encourage little explorers to grab and play. You can get the blanket here.

    5. Milestone Cards

    In the first days, weeks and months, new parents experience many new milestones in their baby’s life: the first bath, the first porridge, the first Easter, the first word – all these moments can be recorded on the backs of the milestone cards. The fronts announce the respective experience. The set includes 45 cards (DIN A6) and a magnetically lockable storage box. Here are the cards.

    6. Comforter

    Every baby has a zodiac sign based on the day or month they were born. Whether Aries, Scorpio or Sagittarius – the matching comforter from Sigikid is an ideal gift for birth. Available in the colors pink and blue, you can choose between the different signs of the zodiac. However, it only makes sense to buy the zodiac sign cloth if you know the day of birth. Here is the comforter.

    7. T-shirt for dads

    The gifts for the birth do not always have to be for the baby – even the new parents are happy about a present that was bought just for them. For men who are a big fan of The Walking Dead series, this t-shirt makes a fun and creative gift idea. Available in different colors and sizes, you can easily order the shirt made of 100 percent cotton online. The shirt is available here.

    8. Diary for mothers

    The birth of a child is an exciting, exciting and unique experience for every woman – which keeps many new mothers busy. This diary is the ideal companion so that you can bundle your personal thoughts and feelings so that you can still wallow in memories of the first time years later. The book, which is equipped with motivating sayings, is particularly suitable as a gift. The diary is available here.

    9. Guardian Angel

    Parents want to protect their child from day one. That’s where the little guardian angel “Toni” in the form of a cute doll from Haba comes in handy – he is supposed to accompany and guard the newborn from birth. Apart from that, the gift made of high-quality cotton is also suitable for cuddling and loving. Here is the guardian angel.

    10. Cherry pit pillow

    The cushion filled with cherry stones in the shape of a cute owl can be used to warm and cool little aches and pains. To heat it up, simply put it in the microwave or oven. In order to cool it, it goes – packed in a plastic bag – in the fridge or freezer. The pillow can then comfort the baby and relieve his pain or just help him fall asleep. You can get the pillow here.

    11. Greifring

    Babies learn to grip in the first few months – this ring with 32 finger holes is particularly suitable for training their fine motor skills. The material is soft and flexible, making it easy for children to grab, catch and throw the “Oball Classic”. The handrim is also easy to clean and an ideal companion for on the go. The ring is here.

    12. Baby Body

    Of course, all star warriors were also thought of: if the parents to be given the gift are big fans of the Star Wars saga, this cute baby bodysuit with the inscription “Storm Poopers” is the ideal gift for a newborn. The material consists of 100 percent cotton from controlled cultivation, can be washed at 40 degrees and is available in different sizes (0 to 12 months). You can find the body here.

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