Gigi and Bella Hadid are almost unrecognizable after a makeover. The sisters shock with a mullet.

Gigi (27) and Bella Hadid (25) are almost unrecognizable. At a fashion show by designer Marc Jacobs (59) in New York, the sisters walked the catwalk with shaved heads in a mullet look.

Marc Jacobs gave Hadid sisters a mullet

The US fashion designer came up with something very special for the presentation of his autumn/winter 2022 collection and not only focused on dramatic haute couture robes in XL, but also on the hair styling of the models. Even during rehearsals, he gave the Hadid sisters a kind of mullet and sent them onto the runway with their unusual half-bald hairstyles.

Marc Jacobs loves the new look

Bella, who first floated down the runway in a white robe during a rehearsal of the show, shared first impressions of the new look in an Instagram post. On it you can see: The 25-year-old with sidecuts and a razor-short fringe. Apparently, Hadid was in the makeup at the time, as her jet black hair still has some barrettes and clips stuck in it. Marc Jacobs personally commented on the post with the words: “Thank you dear Bella! I love you” and added a red heart emoji.

Gigi Hadid also had to say goodbye to blonde mane

Sister Gigi, who is two years her senior and usually known for her blonde, long hair, was no better off. She also strutted down the runway with the shock hairstyle. Her runway look featured an XL version of a knotted pink knit sweater paired with an oversized white blouse. Underneath, the model wore a gray skirt and ultra-high platform boots in white. The 27-year-old shared various videos of her walk with her around 75 million followers in an Instagram story.

The Hadid sisters have not yet revealed whether the new hair trend is real or just down to the skill of the hair and make-up stylists.