You had so much bad luck with men: Is Gina-Lisa Lohfink changed now on the other shore? Or is this again a Show number? An RTL prior to the Start of the “Adam seeks eve” 2018 image posted shows the celebrity contestant naked and closely entwined with “normal” candidate, Sherilyn. We experience in the RTL-Show, the first lesbian love?

Actually, Gina wanted to learn-Lisa in the TV-show the man for life. In an Interview with the broadcaster, the 32-Year-old also, as you think of the dream man said: “”Adam can conquer me, if he is just honest, direct, and I can also laugh and have fun, makes me the way I am.”

it Was in the show, but then the dream girl? The RTL image shows Gina-Lisa, the “normal” candidate, Sherilyn, a 21-year-old temp of a game casinos from Rüdersdorf bei Berlin, naked in his arms. Where you need the Latter actually, not stress. All stripped naked and are in “eve to Adam addiction”.

+ Gina-Lisa Lohfink in the “Adam seeks eve” 2018 “normal” candidate, Sherilyn. All the consequences of the “Adam seeks eve“ from the 04.11.2018 exclusively at TVNOW:”© MG RTL D

It would be the first gay love in the RTL show. So far, the only men and women together. As Bastian Yotta and Natalia Osada. What was then done again soon. After all: Peer Kusmagk and Yanni Hönscheid, which is found also in the “Adam seeks eve” together, are still inseparable and the parents of a son, Emil-Ocean.

Gina-Lisa Lohfink fell in love-things are known to more often on the snout: To belong to their Exes about king of the jungle, Marc Terenzi, footballer Emir Kücükakgül or restaurateur Romulo Kuranyi, the brother of former national player Kevin Kuranyi. Gina-Lisa now has enough of the men? Takes refuge in the arms of a woman?

one Might think, would be RTL before the Start of the “eve to Adam” (on Saturday, 3 addiction. November, at 22.30) not more pictures from the wacky new season released. A different scene photo shows Gina-Lisa with Student Martin (28) from Chemnitz with a romantic dinner for two at the Stand. With a glass of the two to encounter, are already very familiar with. Another RTL-picture shows Gina-Lisa and Martin laughing on the love yacht “Queen of Atlantis”. Obviously, there is also another woman that has an interest in the students: this is a RTL image also with Gina-Lisa and clerk of the Marina from Augsburg. What comes out?

+ Gina -Lisa Lohfink at a beach-Date with Student Martin Chemnitz. All the consequences of the “Adam seeks eve” from the 04.11.2018 exclusively at TVNOW:”© MG RTL DLesben-love in “Adam seeks eve” in 2018? Gina-Lisa Lohfink staged a Fake relationship

However, you also know that in Order to put the media in the scene, makes Gina-Lisa Lohfink (almost) everything. Also a lesbian-staging would be nothing New. Looking back in the years 2011 and 2012: at the Time, led by Gina-Lisa Lohfink and the Dutch singer Loona of the Public for marketing reasons months of a relationship. In reality, Loona was in a relationship (real Name: Marie van der Kolk) at the time with your friend. In an Interview with the Bild am Sonntag (“Loonas lesbian lie”) confessed to the singer: “It was all just PR.”

As the two of them in the summer of 2011, told that they would have learned in a Video shooting to know Mallorca and love. Loona claimed: “We kiss, we make love to each other.” The latter reported the Bild newspaper supposedly intimate Details: “I am for a week with her. You spoiled me very much, your lips taste very good.“ In front of TV cameras Knut the two splashed around, went Hand in Hand. The Whole three-quarters of a year, went about. Then both of them declared: It unfortunately did not work.

How to Loona in the summer of 2013 revealed, was the alleged relationship from the beginning, nothing more than a giant Fake. Threaded by the common Manager, Loona and Gina-Lisa at the time, were taken care of. First, the two were supposed to kiss only for a Video shoot. “But my Manager insisted that I take Gina-Lisa is also one of my performances.” Actually, Loona, reported it had become the number fast much. “But I came out of it. The thing was to me simply pushes further and further.“ In fact, Loona was a year before the Fake relationship began, with her boyfriend Mark. The was in the Background of the Fake-relationship tease. “The longer this crap took, the more he annoyed me,” confessed Mark.

Gina-Lisa Lohfink staged again as a lesbian love? Or you find the man for life? May Gina-Lisa guy-nominee Sherilyn has taken only in the Arm, to comfort her. On Saturday we’ll find out. Then, Gina-Lisa, she is the first celebrity contestant in the “Adam seeks eve” in 2018.

by the Way: Already at the start of the new season of “Adam, eve searches for” 2018 you can see ALL the new episodes in the Stream of RTL in TV NOW.

As is the case with “Love Island”: “Adam seeks eve” TV Sex?


RTL starts at the beginning of November with a new TV series that you have copied from another channel. The host of the Show is only 25.