Like many celebrities, filmmaker Lena Dunham is currently on vacation. She now presents herself to her three million followers in different bikinis – and receives a lot of encouragement.

Lena Dunham is the icon of the 30-40 generation. In the “Girls” series she created, she tells of the attitude towards life of young city dwellers – and also dealt aggressively with her body: Although she herself does not have a classic model figure, she was naked or sparsely clad in many scenes. Quite unusual for that time.

When the first season of the HBO series premiered in 2012, the term body positivity was still largely unfamiliar to many people. A term that expresses self-love and acceptance of one’s own body. Lena Dunham did it, a lot has changed since then. It has become more normal for many more people to proudly display their figure – from fat to thin, from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lena Dunham on vacation

The fact that Dunham is now presenting himself in various swimsuit and bikini outfits on Instagram is something special. Because in the social network, many people still show their supposedly perfect body – and invest a lot of effort and technical tricks to make their figure appear even more perfect.

Lena Dunham, on the other hand, sets a strong contrast. Nothing is edited here. No filter tries to embellish or disguise anything. And why: Who wants to doubt that this woman is beautiful?

Her self-confident statement is underlined by the bright colors of the bikinis, which come in green, violet and orange. In the fourth photo she can be seen in a black swimsuit. “One piece two piece red piece blue piece,” comments the writer, director and actress – who has taken on all three roles on “Girls”.

The message got through: in the first 24 hours, the picture received more than 82,000 likes and countless positive comments. Including famous followers like model Tara Lynn, designer Christopher Kane or pop singer Lykke Li. They all praised Dunham’s looks and bikinis. There was a clear favourite: Most liked the green one.