Leni Klum is warming up as the successor to her mother Heidi: As a guest judge on GNTM, she was able to help decide who made it to the finale of the 17th season. This will take place on May 26th in Cologne.

What happened?

The final shoot of season 17 literally takes place at dizzying heights. The candidates stand on a kind of pole and swing back and forth. Individual straps on the thighs give them support. The models also wear voluminous dresses. The acrobatic task becomes a challenge, especially for Lieselotte. A few years ago, the Berliner had a serious accident in which her spine was injured. Five of her intervertebral discs are fixed with screws. She worries a lot about how to hold herself up. When photographer Kristian Schuller found out that Lieselotte was 66 years old, he said to Heidi Klum: “Oh my goodness, are you sending them up there?” Klum himself is also following the photo shoot with some concern. “I’m afraid she’ll fall off,” she says. With a little effort, Lieselotte manages the task. The photographer chose Anita and Lou-Anne as his favourites: “They were the two who got the best view. That’s what counts for me at the end of the day.”

excitement of the week?

Martina and Lou-Anne are the first mother-daughter duo at GNTM. While the 50-year-old is extremely ambitious and goal-oriented, the 18-year-old is much more relaxed and doesn’t think too much in advance. This leads to a typical parent-child discussion shortly before the finale, with the result that Lou-Anne leaves the room annoyed. “I hate arguments. I know my daughter quite well. I know that under this thick layer of composure there is also a very sensitive person. She often needs a mother who takes her in her arms and understands her. That’s where I am sometimes not ideal either”, admits Martina self-critically.

The guest juror?

For the semifinals, Heidi Klum got support from her older daughter Leni. The 18-year-old takes on most of the tasks and gives the models instructions – mostly in German. She can understand German 100 percent, but only speak 65 percent, explains the student. The thought that Leni Klum will one day host her mother’s show is not entirely unreasonable. “How long do I have to do this now? When will you take over?” Klum asks her at the end of the semifinals. Leni’s answer: “In three years. After the 20th season.” Heidi Klum seems to agree, but has a suggestion: “In three years you can learn German a little better.”

Germany’s next top model 2022: who has to go?

Lieselotte misses the entry into the final. Heidi Klum justifies this, among other things, with the fact that she has received too few jobs. “It’s the discipline in which you couldn’t convince. Nevertheless, you made history. At 66 you are the oldest semi-finalist of all time,” she says. There are five candidates in the final: Martina, Lou-Anne, Noella, Anita and Luca.

Klum saying of the week

“I took you with me in my first season of ‘Top Model’. In the stroller. I always had to take breaks because you were always hungry and wanted my milk.” (Heidi Klum to her daughter Leni)