The pressure was too great: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, apparently wants to resign on Thursday. A statement from the head of government is eagerly awaited.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to want to resign. This was reported by several British media on Thursday. Accordingly, Johnson will vacate his post as chairman of the conservative Tory party this Thursday, the BBC and Sky News reported, citing government circles.

He would soon lose his position as head of government. According to reports, however, Johnson wants to remain prime minister until the fall, until a new Tory leader is found.

An official statement from 10 Downing Street, the home of the British Prime Minister, said: “The Prime Minister will make a statement to the country today.” According to the “Guardian”, Johnson’s speech is expected in the course of the morning.

It is unclear so far whether Johnson has already been in contact with the Queen. Buckingham Palace has reportedly declined to comment on the matter. Normally, should a prime minister resign, the decision must be communicated to the palace.

Tory politicians call for immediate and full withdrawal

The Guardian quoted two senior Tory politicians calling for Johnson’s immediate and full withdrawal. “Today he has to hand in the official seal and go,” said one of the unnamed sources. A former cabinet minister told Sky News that Johnson had voiced doubts that the party would back the PM’s alleged plan.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted with relief that the “chaos of the last few days (months actually) will be over”, although the Scottish Prime Minister denied “the idea of ​​Boris Johnson remaining prime minister until the autumn, everything else as ideal and certainly not sustainable”.

Economics Minister Kwasi Kwarteng also endorsed the calls for Johnson to leave sooner rather than later. “We now need a new leader as soon as possible,” Kwarteng was quoted as saying by Sky News. “So much unnecessary damage” was caused.

Pushing chairs in London puts Boris Johnson under pressure

Johnson had come under massive pressure in the past few days. Several cabinet members had resigned. Most recently, Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi, who was appointed to office on Tuesday, even asked him to resign.

The evening before, a close Johnson confidant had announced that the prime minister would not give up. “The Prime Minister is in an optimistic mood and will fight on,” Johnson’s parliamentary assistant James Duddridge told Sky News. Johnson got the mandate of 14 million voters in the last general election and “so much to do for the country”.

But on Thursday the tide turned. Johnson wants to remain in office until a successor is elected, the news channel Sky News reported, citing government circles.

The most recent government crisis in Westminster was triggered by an affair involving Johnson’s party colleague Chris Pincher, who is accused of sexual harassment. It was previously revealed that Johnson knew about the allegations against Pincher before he promoted him to a key faction position. His spokesman had previously denied this several times.