Great interview of the President: direct answers and unique shots

a New documentary project of Pavel Zarubin, which is certainly worth a look on TV channel “Russia 1” 21 Jun, 22:00, “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin”. This is some interview of the President on the most pressing topics: coronavirus, the amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, Russia’s role in the international arena and more. And, of course, what we always expect from Paul Zarubin, exclusive shooting where no one has gone before journalist, for example, in the personal office of the President.

– One of the amendments made by the legislature, involves the possibility that you will have the opportunity to run for another term. You and then in the state Duma said, but we’ll see. You for any decision made?

– I’ll tell you absolutely frankly, admits the head of state.

Presidential revelations in the documentary, which will be released on TV channel “Russia 1” 21 June at 22:00 will be set. Numerous interview with Putin recorded throughout the year. And the most recent — just a few days ago.

Unknown details of the President’s decisions during a pandemic and unexpected nuances of Putin since 2000.

– Though sometimes can afford distractions, just disconnect and one that does not see or hear? Is this even possible?

Well, operators of the General staff for me it is just a medical fact, that there is no escape: They have to be within a few seconds. Always. This is the first. And secondly, still the head of state needs to be always connected. Always. Round the clock. It’s just a duty. In this sense, no. But after all these years of work I learned that when you have a few spare hours, I can do what I like: sports, or read, or listen to music. But to be constantly connected — it is simply my duty, — said Vladimir Putin.

Exactly 20 years ago the President of Russia was FAVan Vladimir Putin. Here is his office. Shooting in the Kremlin, what has not happened. Complete freedom of action in the main 1st corps. And the only thing that worried the presidential press service, to the crew of the film have not experienced and do not interfere with each other.

Small wait at the presidential reception. A few minutes to look around. Picture of the snow covered St. Basil Cathedral, on the big screen TV is constantly running the TV channel “Russia 24”. The Secretary to the President and then calls a special communication. And when they managed to enter the office of Putin, at this moment too, the phone rang.

Exactly 20 years ago in this office, Putin gave his first interview as President. And whatever difficulties may be today, they do not go to any comparison with his own country then.

“Shock therapy, zero savings, loss of jobs, on the one hand, and on the other, — the acquisition of a limited circle of persons state property for pennies. Millions of people in the country it was perceived as a clear injustice,” says the President.

Often hear the accusation that you very rarely or even almost never in public and not strictly punish the guilty. If this happens, it seems, is hidden from the eyes. Why are you such a personnel policy do you prefer?

– I believe that the higher position a person takes, the more carefully it needs to apply to people who obey him. The effectiveness of leadership is not in the external stiffness, and in the sequence of decisions.

– And if a person is really guilty, he understands that he screwed up?

I don’t like almost never have to reprimand someone in an ostentatious manner.

– And in the offices of what’s going on?

– we do Have hard conversations. But it was not — and I’m rather proud to say — the case that I offended someone, called, or — even worse — humiliated. This does not happen ever.

Dmitry Peskov watching from the outside, in the distance. And closely he approached us only once when it is missing a script of a conversation suddenly started to turn around quite so full of surprises.

Out the door Putin always comes out to talk with the Ministers. But what’s inside?

in those seconds the Sands and joined in for a couple of minutes to us, because it turned out that the President and crew without any escorts went there, where journalists-that has never happened before.

the most prominent place — portrait of Peter the great. And on the couch in this room lies the coat — in those days it was still cool. In the film, we will examine these premises more closely.

it Seemed, had prepared everything so that nothing prevented an interview on the go.

– You first, of course, began in the international arena tough enough to assert the importance of national interests. As a result, we are now seeing such absolutely blatant selfishness trump, we see that he has followers. Thank you for this present world politics?

– there was a period when Russia, sadly, could not assert its national interests. And what we started doing in the early 2000-ies, there is nothing unusual, nothing beyond and nothing meets the world. Just not all countries have this privilege — to fight for their interests. But between selfishness, as you put it, and the protection of national interests — a huge distance. Selfishness is focusing only on itself, and the protection of national interests including involves the search for mutually acceptable solutions with our partners.

the Major geopolitical issues: what will be, in the opinion of Putin, then? And personal revelations.

“I never heard, without exaggeration, say that the father swore. Not even talking about mom. Even to imagine such impossible,” — says the President.

In an interview for the film, Putin spoke about his grandchildren.

– are they here to call to call?

– unable to Call, they call.

– are Often able to talk to them or very rarely?

– Rare, but I communicate with them, of course.

of Course, we raised and one of the most pressing issues — corruption.

“the Work of people who hold public office, especially high, it and their life is actually in a glass room happen. And it gives the possibility to increase job opportunities of anti-corruption direction. The way it happens”, — said the President.

soon in the air — answers to questions, whether to wait for ever in the Kremlin as guests of the President of Ukraine, is not concerned whether Putin because of the relationship with Ukraine and how it relates to the statements Zelensky of the great Patriotic war.

– How this may affect the future of our relationship?

Negatively. I think for the Vladimir Alexandrovich nothing good is not. Mean that Ukraine itself suffered greatly during the Second world war.

And this is only part of what went into the film. Interview recorded in different cities, countries, situations, only an important and most interesting in the documentary “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” on 21 June at 22:00 on TV channel “Russia 1”.

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