His “collegiality, which is by no means to be taken for granted”, his elegance and noblesse as well as his sense of humor were recognized: relatives and friends bid farewell to Josef Abrham in Prague.

Family, friends and colleagues said goodbye to the actor Josef Abrham in Prague.

Zdenek Sverak (“Kolya”), Jiri Bartosek, President of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, and Dagmar Havlova, widow of former President Vaclav Havel, who died in 2011, attended the funeral service in the Church of St. Agnes of Bohemia on Monday.

According to the agency CTK, Havlova praised Abrham’s “collegiality, which is by no means self-evident”, his elegance and noblesse as well as his sense of humor. In Vaclav Havel’s only work as a film director, “Abgang” from 2011, he had played the leading role of the outgoing Chancellor Wilhelm Rieger. In Germany he was seen, among other things, as a doctor in the TV series “Krankenhaus am Rande der Stadt”.

Abrham died on May 16 at the age of 82 – almost a year after the death of his wife and fellow actress Libuse Safrankova (“Three Nuts for Cinderella”). For decades, both were considered the dream couple of Czech film. They met during rehearsals at the Prague theater “Cinoherni klub” (Acting Club).