Queen’s step-grandson Mike Tindall has looked back at the monarch’s jubilee celebrations. He also commented on Prince Louis.

From Thursday (June 2nd) to Sunday (June 5th) the platinum throne jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (96) was celebrated in Great Britain. Mike Tindall (43), who is married to Zara Tindall (41), daughter of Princess Anne (71) and her ex-husband Mark Phillips (73), has now on his podcast “The Good, The Bad

Mike Tindall brought his daughters with him

The little royal made wild faces at both the “Trooping the Color” parade on Thursday and the pageant on Sunday. Tindall, who sat behind the restless Prince Louis at the pageant and had his two daughters Mia, 8, and Lena, 3, with him, said: “Louis just wanted to have fun. And my two are always mischievous. You try everything under control. There was a lot of candy involved, so it was a real sugar rush.” The father of three further explained about the little guests: “It’s hard for them. They’re all young. It’s a long time. As all parents know, you just do what needs to be done.”

Prince Louis’ parents, Duchess Kate (40) and Prince William (39), had already spoken about their son in a post on social media after the celebrations. “We all had an incredible time. Louis especially,” the royals joked in a post. They also looked back on the festive days: “What a fantastic weekend of celebrations. To see people across the country come together with family, friends and loved ones was very special. Thank you to everyone who has extended their gratitude to the Queen for 70 years on the throne. (…) We hope you had a weekend to remember.”